Hollowcore Concrete Planks - Floorspan
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Hollowcore Concrete Planks

Hollowcore, Concrete Planks Are Ideal For Multi-Storey Buildings And Industrial Projects.

Deal With Greater Spans and Loadings 

In addition to our beam and block products we also manufacture a range of pre-stressed concrete flooring units known as hollowcore planks.

Hollowcore planks are ideal for offices, shops, light industrial, or high quality residential properties where spans are often greater with increased loadings.

Excellent Sound separation

Separating flats is another key use of hollowcore. With the increased emphasis on sound separation between dwellings.

Particularly blocks of flats, as defined in Part E of the Building Regulations, our 150mm or 215mm hollowcore planks are a perfect solution to the problem.

Made to measure concrete slabs

We can offer reduced width planks to ensure a ‘made to measure’ fit for you project. We can also form holes for services and soil pipes during manufacture at no extra cost.

Hollowcore planks also offer increased fire protection as the increased mass acts dramatically to slow the spread of fire.

Beams. Blocks. Solutions.

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