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Investing In People

As ‘Estimating Team Leader’ at Floorspan Contracts, Ian is responsible for processing and allocating incoming enquiries and for generally managing the staff within the estimating team.
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A Day In The Life of a Production Manager

I have been working at Floorspan since 25th September 2017 so just over two years. I started as a maintenance supervisor, but quickly worked my way up to Production Manager...
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Under Floor Heating with efloor plus

Underfloor heating is becoming more popular in the construction industry. Underfloor heating is a greener and ultimately cost-effective way of heating a home...
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The launch of our new insulated concrete flooring solution - eFloor Plus– marks another step towards answering the problems faced by national home builders...
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Case Study - Single Dwelling, Grange Developments, Kings Lynn

The clocks went back last week and the mornings are getting much colder. However, this hasn’t stopped our installation teams rising not so bright and early to get this beam and block installation done...
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A Day In The Life of an Estimator

Taken from a question and answer session with Floorspan estimator Jill A on 02/08/2019. I have worked with Floorspan Contracts for 2.5 years. My typical day involves using architectural drawings, that are sent in as part of an enquiry...
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Case Study - Multiplot, Tilney All Saints, norfolk

We are very proud of how popular we are in our local area and relish working on developments that serve the community. Whether that be in the shape of new facilities, such as our work on a new Ice Rink in Cambridge, or on local, multiplot, residential...
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Case Study - Commercial Development - Ice rink, Cambridge

Rising to challenges on behalf of our customers is an important part of what Floorspan does. Rather than be put off because a project presents some testing features, we go the extra mile to...
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Case Study - New Dwelling in Attleborough, Norfolk

We work with varying clients on a range of projects, each of which presents its own set of unique challenges. We find that the best way of overcoming issues is by getting a better idea of the story behind a build is to gain a full understanding...
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Case Study - Single Dwelling, Burgh Castle, Norfolk

In August of this year we received a quotation request from Ian and Sharon as they had a requirement for a concrete floor to be built over the basement of a new build in Burgh Castle, Norfolk. It was immediately apparent...
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New Casting Bed Means Reduced Lead Times

Two decades of manufacturing prestressed concrete beams for developers, builder’s merchants and contractors of all sizes has given our team plenty of opportunity to gain hard earned experience of the construction industry...
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Case Study - Multiplot Development, Mill Meadow, Strumpshaw, Norfolk

The site we are showcasing today is a 10 plot residential development of detached homes and a community hall in Strumpshaw, Norfolk. This flagship project from Crabtree Living Ltd, who have been kind enough to provide us with...
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Case Study - New Dwelling, Guyhirn, Cambridgeshire

When it comes to new build, residential dwellings, beam and block floors are generally seen as the obvious choice by construction professionals and self-builders alike. This wasn't always the case. Way back when, home builders tended to lay...
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The Story So Far

Floorspan Contacts Ltd is a family-run business established in 1997 by MD Nick Dighton. At the time of writing (11am Monday morning) the teams out in the production yard have been casting concrete beams and planks since before dawn...
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