Floorspan Developments - Precast Concrete Flooring Specialists - Floorspan
Floorspan Developments - Precast Concrete Flooring Specialists - Floorspan
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Precast Concrete Flooring Company


For Large Residential Developments

We are a precast concrete flooring contractor operating out of a six-acre production facility in Cambridgeshire. We specialise in large developments and service some of the busiest areas of the UK in terms of construction. 

As the need for new homes grows in the UK, we provide contractors and ground-workers with a product and service to help them deal with the pressure to build faster, cheaper, and greener.

Some of the project types we are ideally set up to handle include:

Working on A Smaller Development, New Build or Extension?

We work on projects of all sizes. Our main site will be more suited to your project

Production Capacity

Every project is different. With us, you’ll have the support of a precast concrete flooring company that can adapt to your needs and:

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