Precast Concrete Pricing - Floorspan - Large Developments
Precast Concrete Pricing - Floorspan - Large Developments
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Building a smaller development, new build or extension?

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birds eye view on construction site using underslung thermal flooring

PCC Floor pricing

For large residential developments

Clarity, fairness and competitiveness are at the core of our approach to pricing.

For large, multiple plot developments it makes sense to give a ‘budget’ price.

This means that we can quickly give you a fairly accurate price without producing detailed design drawings.

At point of order, we then produce design drawings that can be used to fit the floors.



Our estimates are presented to you in the simplest way possible.

Initially, we will carefully work through your submitted architectural plans. We assign an experienced estimator to your project who will begin working on your estimate. You will then receive a breakdown of costs (example) as pictured.

We split costs into, beams, slips, blocks, poly blocks, air bricks, vents and installation- as appropriate.

We also split your haulage into different proposed consignments dependent on the size and nature of your project.

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