Benefits of Hollowcore Planks - Floorspan
Benefits of Hollowcore Planks - Floorspan
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Benefits of Hollowcore

Hollowcore planks are ideal for blocks and flats. This is partly due to impressive noise transfer performance

One way of keeping costs down is minimising the amount of masonry and steelwork required. Planks can span long distances without compromising structural integrity.

Strong thermal properties so that it is possible to exceed Part L of Building Regulations

A consideration when building blocks of flats is the risk of fire. Hollowcore planks are made primarily of concrete, which has excellent fire-resistant qualities.

Floorspan Heath Farm-30
Floorspan Heath Farm-8

Follow on trades can continue to work safely as soon as the planks are laid.

We can fit hollowcore planks very quickly over large areas.

Planks have preformed holes so it is easy to run services.

This means that you benefit from a range of span and load capabilities. So, we can produce the correct design for your project.

Can be used with steel, masonry, or precast forms of structural support.

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