Terms and Conditions - Hollowcore Plank Price Reduction - Floorspan
Terms and Conditions - Hollowcore Plank Price Reduction - Floorspan
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Hollowcore Plank price reduction - Terms & conditions

Due to recent improvements to our supply change and changes to our manufacturing infrastructure, we are pleased to be able to pass on a cost saving to customers who require hollowcore concrete planks.

The conditions of the updated rates for hollowcore planks are as follows:

  • We will advertise the price reduction publicly and revised quotations will be completed on request. To qualify at the new rate, a quote must be ‘current’ meaning that it or the work it describes  has not previously been agreed upon or accepted. It also needs to be issued on or after 06/02/2019,
  • We will not automatically reissue current quotations.
  • The new rate does not apply to quotes that have already been accepted or work that has already been completed- even if that work is on the same site / with the same client as a current quote that does qualify for the new rate,
If you have any questions regarding the new plank rate, please email [email protected] or call 01945 476161.