A Day in the Life of a Production Manager - Floorspan
A Day in the Life of a Production Manager - Floorspan
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a day in the life of A Production Manager

Taken from a question and answer session with Floorspan Product Manager, Ben Hart on 13/11/2019

I have been working at Floorspan since 25th September, 2017, so just over two years. I started as a maintenance supervisor, but quickly worked my way up to Production Manager. My day involves a bit of everything, from production schedules to helping the team in the yard. This makes every day different. I suppose a typical day would be one with new challenges. This is one of the things I enjoy about this job, there isn’t a “typical” day, one day can be completely different from the next. 

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I would describe Floorspan as fast-paced, challenging and an enjoyable place to work. Every job has challenges but it's about how we overcome the challenges as a team that makes the difference. That is what makes it a gratifying place to work.

A successful day for me is making sure all the beds are cast to a high standard ensuring our customers are happy. We thoroughly check our casts to ensure that they are to the highest standard possible. This is what makes us one of the best in the industry. If my employees go home happy, then that is a job well done for the Production team. As long as all of our products get sent out correctly, casting is complete, the yard is clean, and we have some banter along the way, that’s all I can ask of my team. In my eyes, if all that happens, that’s a successful day.


There are three main skills that I need to ensure I complete my job to a high standard:

  • Communication
  • People Skills
  • Organisation
Without these three skills, I don’t think I’d be able to do my job, and I don’t think my team would work as well as they do either.


Every day can bring something new, and that is what I enjoy. I have pressure to get results, and each day a different result needs to be achieved. It keeps my team and me on our toes, which helps us stay sharp, but I have a great team that never lets me down.

new casting beds installed
Motivation is a big thing for me and the rest of the guys in the yard – we all need to be motivated to ensure we achieve goals. I always try to have chats with my team members. It’s important for everyone to be happy at work. I set my team goals, which keeps them motivated to get the job done.
I would describe Floorspan as a fast-paced, challenging, and enjoyable place to work. Every job has certain problems that need to be overcome but it’s approaching those problems as a team that makes it worthwhile and gratifying.
If we experience a quiet period, that can be tricky. Typically, there are a few months of the year where production calms down a bit in the industry. However, we have been getting busier and busier, so the quiet months are becoming less and less.

Thanks to Ben for providing this information. Ben is very passionate about his job at Floorspan and does some excellent work. We hope this has offered an insight into the Production department. Watch the video below for further details.

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