About - Floorspan
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Floorspan Contracts manufacture and install: 150mm and 225mm deep, prestressed concrete beams, ‘hollowcore’ wideslab planks and pre-cast stairs and landings at our modern casting facility in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

Floorspan Contracts have been a provider of suspended concrete flooring since 1997, when we were founded by current MD Nick Dighton.

Even then, in the very early days, the company was driven by a practical and can-do attitude. This has become the foundation of our reputation.

‘Beam and Block’ is still at our core. However, as a result of our growth, we have become expert in a range of products and services.

Nick is supported by his two sons, Liam and Lynden. They help to drive the business forward along with operations manager Nick Carver.

Although still a family-run company, we know the value of skilled, dedicated people. We have developed a team of over a hundred strong that  deliver a truly excellent service.

Every member of staff is committed to upholding our core values. We believe it is this that makes Floorspan an industry leader.

We put a great emphasis on practicality. We always produce designs that are achievable and well considered. This means we never promise what we cannot deliver, and our customers can rely on us.

We look for ways to add value to our service wherever possible. After receiving a project brief, we begin work to find the most economical way of achieving it. This never means compromising on quality.

Remaining current and responsive to our market and our customer is an active practice that we continue to build upon.

Finally, we have a genuine belief that providing a premier customer service is the only way to ensure that both we and the customer are happy.

Floorspan has retained a customer base of local, self-builders and first-time developers. However, as we have expanded, we have applied the same attitude to larger, regional or multiplot contracts.

We know that every job and every customer is different. We are geared up to provide a wide range of contractors and organisations with a tailored service.

This could mean:

Accommodating a first-time developer with advice and/or on-site expertise to ensure that their installation goes smoothly.


Providing a large, regional developer with a dedicated account manager and design team who can collaborate with them to achieve the best ROI and surpass European building standards.

Our precast concrete production facility is based in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Over the years we have grown steadily and now occupy a 5-acre plot. As we have grown, we have become better equipped to deal with projects of all shapes and sizes.We encourage our current and prospective customers to visit us and get a feel for how we work.