Careers - Floorspan Contracts Ltd
Careers - Floorspan Contracts Ltd
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Find out what it's like to work at Floorspan

estimator sat at desk working on designs


Jill is our Estimating Team Leader 

“To succeed in this role you need to have attention to detail, people skills, and strong problem-solving skills. As long as you have these skills and the willingness to learn and work hard, the challenge is manageable and a great career can be made.”

There is a friendly atmosphere in our office, and the estimating team works well together. We like to be supportive and help each other achieve.”

Floorspan Developments

Floorspan Developments deal with larger housing projects from start to finish, including budget pricing, design, order processing, and project management. They are responsible for dealing with our larger contractors that develop large projects. 

“The Developments team is a great place to work, it’s a light, airy environment and a great team to work with. We all support each other when necessary and we always make sure our work is to the highest standard.”

Career Developments
Career Production


Darran our Production Manager

“I would describe Floorspan as fast-paced, challenging, and an enjoyable place to work. Every job has its challenges, but it’s about how we overcome the challenges as a team that makes the difference. That is what makes it a gratifying place to work.

Every day can bring something new, and that is what I revel in. I have pressure to get results, and each day a different result needs to be achieved. It keeps my team and me on our toes, which helps us stay sharp, but I have a great team that never lets me down.”


In the design department, we study and calculate structures, stairs, floors, or roofs.

From the simplest extension to the most modern public building,  each project requires a lot of attention, and each project has its own solution.

Working for Floorspan means designing new buildings, focusing on new technologies and respect for the environment.

Every project is different. At Floorspan, the emphasis is on technology and innovation, which is really inspiring and makes for a great career.

Career Design
Career Accounts


Brooke is our Accounts Team Leader

“At Floorspan’s Accounts department, we’re more than numbers.  From invoicing to supplier payments, CIS transactions to VAT returns, each day unfolds new challenges that keep us on our toes and our work interesting.

The supportive environment makes coming to work a daily delight, turning challenges into triumphs.”


“Sales involves working on sales strategies to develop and increase sales. We work hard to establish, develop, and promote long-term working relationships between Floorspan and Contractors/Customers.

At Floorspan, employee growth and development is encouraged. Management works hard to make you feel seen and heard by keeping you involved to help you grow as an individual in your chosen field.

Co-workers are hard-working, supportive, and readily on hand to offer assistance if required.”

Career Sales

Interested in joining our team?