LocBlox Concrete Blocks - Floorspan
LocBlox Concrete Blocks - Floorspan
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interlocking concrete blocks

Floorspans pre-cast concrete LocBlox Concrete Blocks are designed to interlock easily together giving an instant barrier. 

Supplied with their positioning pin inserts or forklift pickets, the blocks can be disassembled as quickly as they are assembled giving complete flexibility for use.

Floorspan LocBlox

Concrete LocBlox provide the ideal solution for obtaining the advantages of cast in situ concrete structures without the associated inconvenience. 

 The blocks interlock seamlessly, facilitating rapid and efficient assembly, while also proving to be a more cost-effective alternative to other options. The effortless installation and disassembly of these blocks make them an excellent choice for your construction project. 

Prohibiting Access

Ensure restricted entry with interlocking concrete blocks designed to create impenetrable barriers.

Flood Protection

Combat the forces of nature with interlocking concrete blocks, engineered to form a robust barrier, mitigating the risk of floodwaters. 

Form a Bund for Aggregates

The modular design of our interlocking concrete blocks allows for swift assembly, creating a sturdy and reliable enclosure.

Retaining Walls

Elevate your landscaping projects with interlocking concrete blocks serving as durable retaining walls, the interlocking system ensures structural stability, effectively preventing soil erosion and offering an aesthetically pleasing solution for varied terrains.

Security Barriers

Bolster your security measures with interlocking concrete blocks configured as formidable security barriers. 

Crash Protection

The impact-resistant structure serves as a reliable barrier, offering enhanced protection for infrastructure, assets, and personnel in areas prone to vehicular collisions. Choose peace of mind with a proven solution for crash risk mitigation.

Pioneering Sustainable Construction

These innovative blocks are meticulously engineered within our state-of-the-art production facility, where we’ve embraced an environmentally responsible approach.  By reimagining and repurposing concrete materials, we’ve significantly reduced waste and minimised the environmental impact traditionally associated with construction materials.


These blocks not only offer remarkable strength and durability but also exemplify our commitment to a circular economy by closing the loop on concrete waste, transforming it into a valuable resource for construction projects.

Sea Defence Solution

By leveraging LocBlox for coastal defence, communities can enhance their resilience against the increasing threat of flooding while actively contributing to environmental sustainability. The adaptability and strength of these interlocking blocks offer a reliable and eco-conscious solution for replacing or reinforcing deteriorating flood defences.

Enhancing Security with LocBlox

The LocBlox interlocking concrete blocks stand as a testament to innovation in security solutions. Their unmatched strength, adaptability, and ease of deployment make them a go-to choice for various applications, providing peace of mind and reinforcing the importance of robust security measures.

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