Installation - Floorspan
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Using our installation service can often be the best way of guaranteeing that this important stage of your build achieves maximum value and efficiency. We have installed countless prestressed concrete floors and have the process down to a fine art, so you can rely on the quality of our work.

Our Installation Service Is Normally the Best Value Option.

Expert Beam & Block Installation

In the case of block and beam installation, our dedicated site surveyor will visit the site to check ‘as built’ dimensions. This gives us the opportunity to become familiar with any potential obstacles on site and to plan for any adjustments or special requirements. In many cases, beams can be installed directly from our delivery vehicle, saving time and money for the customer. We find that if we work with the builder- most issues can be overcome.

In the case of hollowcore planks, a qualified, appointed person will visit site to recommend crane sizes and to liaise with the relevant people with regards to access and logistics. This is especially relevant for smaller sites where storage space for materials is limited and access for cranes is tight or non-existent.

Hollowcore Concrete Plank Installation

Our Concrete Installation Experience and Knowledge is Unrivalled...

Nobody Understands Better What Is Required For A Safe & Quality Installation. We Put This Knowledge Into Practise On Your Behalf, Taking Concerns About Quality And Compliance Out Of Your Hands.

Placing The Beams

For ground floors onto masonry, beams should be laid on a d.p.c with a minimum bearing of 90mm. Care should be taken to ensure that the beams do not protrude into the cavity.

Infill blocks of the specified density should be placed between beam ends to ensure the spacing of the beams is accurate. In all cases, our layout drawing will recommend a starting point for each bay. Once all beams are in position the remaining infill blocks can be placed.

Infill Blocks & Grouting

The whole floor should be grouted with a 1:6 cement / sharp sand or 1:4 soft sand mix as soon after laying as possible. This is best achieved by wetting the floor and then brushing the grout in to form a firm cohesive bond. The importance of proper grouting cannot be overstated. Where 2 or 3 beams are placed together they should be infilled with a mix.

Domestic garage floors must have a minimum 50mm thick concrete screed reinforced with A98 steel mesh, applied directly.


Fall Arrest

As part of the installation process, we can provide ‘Fall Arrest’ where necessary in the form of low pressure air bags or safety netting.

Our Specialist Vehicles & Expert Installers Make Fitting Your Beam & Block Floor Hassle-Free