Precast Stairs - Floorspan
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Precast Stairs

Precast Concrete Stairs Are An
Excellent Alternative To Traditional Timber Steps

Simple, professional installation

Floorspan Contracts can supply and install precast reinforced concrete staircases and landings to ensure you receive a complete package for your upper floors.

Floorspan concrete staircases have been designed with detail in mind and to make their installation a straight forward process. The inclusion of ‘Cast in’ recessed lifting eyes to improve their ease of handling for installation is just one of the small details that can make a big difference.

A great alternative to traditional timber staircases.

  • Increased fire protection
  • Multiple flights and landings can be installed in a day
  • Any shape or combination of shapes can be made
  • Increased commercial or industrial loadings can be accommodated
  • Precast concrete stairs do not squeak or creak

Made to measure concrete stairs

All our precast stairs are made to measure, and a drawing is released for approval prior to manufacture.

Our dedicated design team will produce detailed design and assembly drawings, often liaising with the customer, architect and engineer to ensure the provision of the appropriate supports and the correct interconnection of the stairs and structure.

Beams. Blocks. Solutions.

Get your free quote. we go the extra mile to provide value.