Precast Concrete Delivery - Floorspan
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A simple precast concrete delivery can often be let down by poor planning and logistics. This is a situation we are determined to avoid; getting your order to you in a timely and efficient manner is hugely important to us and it is what we try to achieve 100% of the time.

We Overcome Site Access Challenges

Flexible And Efficient Concrete Delivery

Our fleet of bespoke vehicles provide us with the ability to be flexible and efficient when delivering your product. We also have a range of specialist rigid vehicles and short articulated trailers that offer options for even the most restricted sites. 

Floorspan Lorries lined up for concrete delivery and installation

Our delivery and installation vehicles are fitted with specialist rear-mounted hiab cranes, some with a 12m reach, and bespoke hydraulic beam grabs, to facilitate safe and efficient offloading on-site. This can often be more cost-effective for the customer and less disruptive to a busy or tight site, where the use of a crane or site forklift may not be practical due to having difficulty accessing the site.

Offloading Can Be Completed Using Rear Mounted HIAB Cranes

Safe, Quick And Cost-Effective Delivery

Our dedicated transport planners and schedulers are on hand to offer advice and guidance. With a little consideration and forward planning at the project briefing stage, most situations can be accommodated, adding value that is often missed elsewhere in the industry.

If we have not been asked to carry out an installation, we will, of course, do all we can to advise you and to accommodate your plans regardless. We do suggest you look at our concrete delivery and installation service. Do not hesitate to speak with us about what is needed for a smooth installation.

Beams. Blocks. Solutions.

Get your free quote. we go the extra mile to provide value.