Company Values - Floorspan
Company Values - Floorspan
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Our Values

Over the past few years, we have experienced rapid growth. As our team continues to develop, we believe it is important to remember our values .

The five principles below represent the company’s code that we strive to encompass.


The ability and willingness to act positively when the plan needs to change. Seeing the value of moving with change rather than against it.

Invest In People

To offer learning and growth opportunities to all team members. Giving people the chance to develop skills or to discover new talents and opportunities.


A shared goal to take the company to the next level. An enthusiasm to engage, succeed, present solutions, and serve our customers.


Committed to producing high-quality work out of pride, not just out of necessity. A strong, collective drive for sustainable success across the business.

Perform Together

To collaborate and communicate effectively as one team for the good of our customers and our business - embracing traditional family values of togetherness and sharing knowledge.

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