Hollowcore Plank Construction Details - Floorspan
Hollowcore Plank Construction Details - Floorspan
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Hollowcore Plank Construction Details

hollowcore plank construction details

When it comes to construction projects, every detail matters. At Floorspan Contracts, we specialise in providing high-quality hollowcore concrete planks suitable for a variety of building applications. In this guide, we’ll delve into the essential hollowcore plank construction details and how they contribute to structural integrity and performance.


Whether your project involves masonry or steel frame buildings, it’s crucial to adhere to specific bearing requirements for hollowcore planks:

Masonry Walls: The minimum bearing requirement onto masonry walls is 100mm.

Steelwork: Planks require a minimum bearing of 75mm onto steelwork.

These bearing requirements ensure proper support and stability for the structure.







One common application involves hollowcore slabs bearing onto a 100mm wide masonry wall. At Floorspan Contracts, we can customise floor layouts to accommodate service voids, cut-outs, and notching according to the building envelope.

Plank bearing onto masonry

steel trimmers for large openings

Steel Trimmers







For projects requiring large openings, bespoke steel trimmers can be provided to trim out the opening while maintaining structural integrity. These details are clearly marked on the design drawings we provide, ensuring seamless integration into the construction process.

bearing on shared walls






In situations where slabs need to share a wall, special measures may be required, especially if the wall is narrower than standard. Our experienced designers can assist in accommodating a 140mm wide bearing wall with tailored solutions.

side bearing considerations

Side bearing






Side bearing onto blockwork walls necessitates filling the gap between the plank underside and the wall top with mortar. This not only enhances air tightness but also reduces sound transmission, contributing to a more comfortable indoor environment.

bearing on shelf angles and steel







When bearing onto steel supports or shelf angles, careful consideration is given to ensure optimal performance. Chamfered plank ends aid installation, and filling voids with concrete by the main contractor creates a solid floor, enhancing sound separation and fire safety.

bearing onto shelf angles

tie planks to shear studs

tie planks to shear studs






Floorspan Contracts can provide open cores and other specialist features as needed to meet any disproportionate collapse requirements specified by the project engineer. This ensures compliance with safety standards and enhances overall structural resilience.

Attention to hollowcore plank construction details is paramount in achieving a safe, durable, and efficient building structure. By understanding the intricacies of hollowcore construction details and partnering with experienced professionals like Floorspan Contracts, you can ensure the success of your construction project from start to finish. Reach out to us today to learn more about our hollowcore solutions and how we can support your next project.