Our Products - Floorspan - Large Developments
Our Products - Floorspan - Large Developments
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Our Products

Precast Concrete Beams

On receiving your enquiry, we allocate a dedicated account manager and designer who will both work with you throughout your project. 

Our six-acre production facility is capable of producing beam and block for roughly 160 average-sized residential properties. This means we can be responsive to your requirements whilst keeping your PCC package competitive.

This production capacity is backed up with logistical resources and know-how to ensure we can deliver on our promises.

stack of old 225 beams

Hollowcore Planks

Hollowcoreplanks stacked up in Floorspan yard

As the premium on space in the UK becomes more pressing- we are seeing more and more flats and apartment blocks being developed.

Our 150mm hollowcore planks are perfectly suit multi-storey developments which need to exceed sound separation and fire safety requirements.

Floorspan can handle the installation process. However, if a contractor would prefer to install using an in-house team, we can provide support and source cranes.

eFloor plus logo

Build greener, faster, cheaper

There is a growing need and pressure for home builders to build greener, faster, and cheaper. Floorspan’s thermal flooring (or insulated concrete flooring) solutions help home-builders build new dwellings that are eco-friendly, cost-effective to build, and cheap to run.

To exceed the recommended U-value for floors of 0.11 W/m2k with a traditional beam and block floor, it is necessary to budget for PIR insulation. Although this is a perfectly practical solution, it can be very costly.

Systems like eFloor Plus negate any need for PIR board. It replaces traditional infill blocks with EPS (expanded polystyrene) panels and tops the floor with a variable depth top sheet. This saves on materials and can easily reach U-values as low as 0.09 W/m2K.

EPS is totally recyclable, sustainable, and has a green rating of A+. As the panels are significantly lighter than concrete, installation is faster and less labour-intensive. 

Not only this, but eFloor is affordable, particularly when compared to traditional beam and block with PIR.

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