Case Study - Multiplot Development, Mill Meadow, Norfolk. - Floorspan
Case Study - Multiplot Development, Mill Meadow, Norfolk. - Floorspan
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Case Study - Multiplot Development, Mill Meadow, Strumpshaw, norfolk

The site we are showcasing today is a ten-plot residential development of detached homes and a community hall in Strumpshaw, Norfolk.
Crabtree Living Ltd, who have been kind enough to provide us with some feedback about our involvement, highlight some important points that we would like to bring to the reader’s attention.

Floorspan was asked to design and supply the concrete flooring for each plot, providing a quotation along with detailed drawings that could be used by the installation team at Matthew Body Plant Hire.

Multiplots Team

We have developed a multiplots team that are very experienced in medium to large scale developments. Having this in-house functionality means that we are able to: get the best price out to our customers; create realistic, accurate, clear designs; and provide a tailored, focused service.

As the project had several different building types, all with specific requirements, the multiplots team produced a series of drawings for our client to approve, some examples of which can be seen below.

Versatile Product

Another key feature of this project is that we used a mix of all three beam types we manufacture: 150mm light, 150mm standard and 225mm. This satisfied load conditions in the most cost-effective way. If we could only produce one beam type, we would have to use a less elegant, costlier solution.

Safe and Accessible

Something we pride ourselves on at Floorspan is our ability to plan ahead and help our clients avoid nasty surprises that cost time and money. This might mean making sure that a client has enough air bricks and vents to complete an installation safely and correctly, or thinking proactively about site access.

As many reading this will appreciate, unforeseen issues are commonplace in construction. It is to Crabtree Living’s credit that this development has, as they put it: “no awkward problems.” A fine example of how the project has been well-thought-out is clear in the accompanying image. Here, you can see the lengths to which the developer has gone to make the site safe and accessible by laying a tarmac road.

Tarmac road providing perfect access for block and beam

High-end Development

At a glance, it is clear that this is a high-end project in a desirable area. When we think about the value of a home, we are used to thinking about things like space, location, and appearance. However, as a beam and block manufacturer, something we also think about is the amount of ‘bounce’ a floor has.

As a high-quality project, the developers wanted the essentials to be up to their standard, such as the floors. Again, the versatility and quality of our product range meant we were able to provide floors that had minimal bounce and therefore were suitable for the properties in question.

Groundworks & Installation

The groundwork for this project, including the installation of the concrete floors, was handled by Matthew Body Plant Hire. We asked why they use Floorspan Contracts, and they said it was for our “simplicity” and “quality”, which is great to hear. As you can see from the photographs, Matt and his team have done a great job installing the floors.

We are grateful to MB Groundworks and Crabtree Living for providing us with photos and feedback. Floorspan is very proud to have played a role in such a quality undertaking. Wherever possible, we like to hear from our clients about specific projects, whether they are current or upcoming, so feel free to get in touch.

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