eFloor - Insulated Concrete Flooring - Case Study - Floorspan
eFloor - Insulated Concrete Flooring - Case Study - Floorspan
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insulated concrete flooring -

efloor plus - multiplot installation

The launch of our new insulated concrete flooring solution- eFloor Plus– marks another step towards answering the problems faced by national home builders. Namely, that as the housing market becomes more impacted by environmental concerns so there is a need to rely on affordable insulation solution to meet ‘U’ values.

When we started out, the thing that separated Floorspan from other beam and block suppliers is our approach to our customers. We carved out a niche by providing an end-to-end, personalised service to self-builders and local firms.

Needless to say, as we have grown, we have adapted to a wider market..

It is still always an honour to work within our local area and deliver outstanding flooring solutions to our community. So it was really exciting for us when we were able to introduce eFloor Plus to local, long term customer L Petriello Groundworks.

efloor plus technical design drawing

It is no secret in the industry that EPS provides great thermal efficiency for homes. EPS, or materials like it, have been increasingly relied upon the last few years.

Where our solution differs from others on the market is that is is flexible, easy to install and cost-effective. 

L Petriello Groundworks Contract Ltd have worked with us for several years. After we explained how eFloor Plus works they were willing to let us prove ourselves by trialling the product. 

We sent our installation team out to their site in March, Cambridgeshire, to show them how the system works and how it differs from traditional ‘underslung’ polystyrene systems.

This animated video shows how eFloor Plus is installed. In reality, you would need to allow for air bricks and ventilation.

With its high strength, structural stability and thermal conductivity our clients will find that this type of insulation satisfies the Building Regulation Act 2010 and the U Value requirements, allowing our them to trust the safety of the product entirely.


When most think about installing an insulated EPS flooring solution, they think about the classic ‘underbeam’ system that has become a standard solution in the industry.

Floorspan’s has a version of this system, eFloor Classic (formerly Thermafloor), so we understand the benefits of it. Therefore, eFloor Plus does not need to replace ‘underbeam’ flooring to those that are more comfortable with it. However, it is hard to ignore some of the additional benefits that come with Plus.

Like many others, Petriello were used to the ‘Classic’ system and were a little wary about switching to a new system. 

EPS Flooring Diagram

eps flooring testimonial

“We have worked with Floorspan Contracts for many years. On this particular project we got on very well and the team, who introduced us to Floorspan’s new insulated flooring product.
The product was quick to install, it is strong and safe. It took less than a day to get the job done. We are really happy with it and will definitely be using it in the future”.
2D Graphic of worker with hard hat
Kevin Woods
Site Manager

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