EPS Shortage - Floorspan Contracts
EPS Shortage - Floorspan Contracts
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EPS Material Shortage

In these unusual times we are working hard to keep our customers up to date on material availability and prices.

What follows in a summarised update from a leading industry analyst regarding Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products which are a key component of our efloor product and other insulation foams.

This information may help you in your planning and procurement of upcoming and ongoing projects.


There is an ongoing and persistent shortage of raw materials and chemicals involved in the production of EPS.

There have been several problems at European factories and further afield that are really starting to affect overall production at a time when demand is very high.

EPS supply is also under pressure from ongoing logistical issues due to a shortage of shipping containers and high freight costs at a peak time of the year.

Driver Shortage

The UK and Europe wide shortage of truck drivers continues, adding further pressure, exacerbated by increased border control checks and longer queues to enter the UK.

INcreased demand

Overall demand is especially high, driven by a buoyant construction sector, white goods packaging and likely stockpiling.

Find Out More

We will work to keep your informed of both changes in the industry and changes at Floorspan. If you have concerns about a current or upcoming project, please book in a call back from one of our team.