International Women's Day - Floorspan
International Women's Day - Floorspan
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Historically, the Construction Industry has been male dominated and possibly intimidating to women who otherwise aspire to a career in one of the UK’s largest sectors.

Over the last decade however, the construction industry has come a long way. Every year more women choose to start careers in construction. The latest figures put the ratio at around 3 in 20. That might not sound like a lot, but 37% of new entrants to the industry from higher education are women.

At Floorspan, we seek to establish parity throughout the business. Our core value is ‘perform together’ and we are proud of what we are achieving. On international women’s day, we wanted to take the opportunity to showcase the work and achievements of some of our formidable female members of staff.

Jill has worked at Floorspan for five years, and in that time has made an incredible contribution to the way that Floorspan operates. Jill started as an Administrator, before quickly being promoted to Estimator and Senior Estimator which involves working closely with contractors to design and price floors. It’s a role that requires a lot of technical know-how and commercial insight. As the estimating team grows, Jill is working towards the role of Estimating Team leader and is instrumental in coaching and developing a team of inexperienced talent, such one of our newest recruits Charlotte. The estimating team would not be the well-oiled machine it is without Jill’s continued diligence, approachability and technical aptitude. 

Vic Gray

Vic started out as a Sales Executive at Floorspan and has recently taken on the role of Developments team leader. Floorspan Developments has been set up to service the needs of large scale house builders. Vic lends her considerable experience to help navigate the logistical challenges presented by more sizable housing developments. Vic’s team is also extremely lucky to have Sonya and Molly who do a lot of the technical heavy lifting for that side of the business.

Celina is our Sales Team Leader, and she works closely with Steph and Sian. The sales team are all tenacious, conscientious and totally committed to their customers. It’s safe to say that without their efforts we would not have enjoyed the growth we have over the last few years.

Nikki heads up are accounts team and she is supported in her day to day by Cheryl and Brooke. Each team member brings something individual to the business. Collectively, the accounts team bring a bright, friendly attitude and an unbeatable attention to detail.

Georgia and Nicola have the potentially misleading job titles of ‘Administrator’. Truth be told, they are often unsung heroes who absorb the quirky, unforeseen issues to make sure we maintain the high standards that our customers have become used to whilst managing vast quantities of data and information. They are highly valued by the Floorspan team and by our customers. 

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Vicky who looks after HR. Vicky makes sure everyone is able to do their job with a keen interest in staff wellbeing and as such, is invaluable.

It’s surprising that the construction industry has been so male dominated for so long when our experience is that, as often as not, the right person for the job is a woman.

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