New Casting Bed Means Reduced Lead Times - Floorspan
New Casting Bed Means Reduced Lead Times - Floorspan
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New Casting bed Means Reduced Lead Time

Two decades of manufacturing prestressed concrete beams for developers, builder’s merchants and contractors of all sizes  has given our  team  plenty of opportunity to gain hard earned experience of the construction industry.

We know that it can be difficult to plan ahead in a highly competitive, cost conscious industry that is influenced from by an ever increasing range of economic and political factors.

Many will also be able to relate to:  demanding clients, challenging suppliers and seasonal weather conditions which can all add time pressure to a project.

These challenges result in ever increasing pressure to complete work faster and on time which means that our clients need to get materials and labour on site quickly and at short notice. Lead times are critical

We have responded to this need for shorter  lead times by investing in a new production line  for the manufacture  of our ‘light’ concrete floor beam. Our manufacturing capacity has recently increased by almost 20%.

Why Light Beam?

The need to increase our inverted T beam output reflects the direction the industry is moving in. In 2018 – 19 residential developments make up nearly 30% of all new construction orders and beam and block, particularly our narrow section beam, is ideally suited to such projects.

Close up of precast concrete beams installed and cemented

Our product range has been designed so that we can offer solutions that remain cost effective and address each job’s specific requirements. ‘Light’ beam is one of three standard types manufactured at Floorspan.

It weighs 25kg per linear metre, can be moved by hand and is economical due to reduced transport and production costs.

Additionally, it can be combined with polystyrene floor panels to create a floor with a better U value- which helps to meet building regulations.

All of this makes ‘light’ beam a natural choice for extensions, new dwellings and large residential developments.

Since production began, we have experienced an increasing demand for this versatile product. A new manufacturing bed means we can meet demand whilst reducing lead time company wide.

New Light Beam Casting Bed

The bed itself has been built at our production facility in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. It is 58.3 metres long and will mean that we can produce an additional 3,500 linear metres, or 88 tonnes, of ‘light’ beam per week.

Casting bed for 150 mm light beam

What this Means For You

This kind of production capacity is having a dramatic effect on how quickly we can get orders on to site. We are currently able to offer lead times of within 5 days from the point of approval for block and beam and are confident that we can continue to for the foreseeable future. This means that, in many cases, materials and labour can be on site within a week.

Not every project is time sensitive and each presents its own set of unique pitfalls and pressures. Our philosophy has always been to provide true value by overcoming these on behalf of our customers. There is little value in a cheap product if it is also made from substandard materials, does not include essential parts or cannot be delivered or installed in time. This latest improvement to our infrastructure means that we can continue to respond appropriately to our customer’s requirements with a high value, economical, quality product that can be delivered efficiently and promptly.

Beams. Blocks. Solutions.

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