Pre-Cast Concrete Stairs - DBS Projects
Pre-Cast Concrete Stairs - DBS Projects
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about us

Floorspan Contracts  are a precast concrete manufacturer based in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. 25 years ago, we began our story as beam and block floor manufacturers, and we have grown into one of the largest suspended concrete flooring specialists in the region. 

Our customers benefit from a precast company serviced by a six acre production facility, a large fleet of specialist vehicles, and an expert team of technical support staff. 

client background

DBS Projects is a prominent construction company specializing in commercial and industrial projects, headquartered in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. In their pursuit of excellence and efficiency, DBS Projects sought a reliable supplier for pre-cast concrete stairs for their site in Great Yarmouth.

After careful consideration, they engaged Floorspan, a leading provider of precast concrete solutions, renowned for their expertise, quality, and track record of successful project delivery.

Project Overview

In the quest to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of their commercial site in Great Yarmouth, DBS Projects approached Floorspan in order to design, supply, and install pre-cast concrete stairs. The project aimed to provide safe and durable vertical access to different levels of the building, while adhering to strict timelines and quality standards.

Scope of Work

Floorspan’s scope of work for DBS Projects included the comprehensive design, supply, and installation of pre-cast concrete stairs. This encompassed collaborating closely with DBS Projects’ design team to comprehend their specific requirements, conducting site evaluations and assessments, formulating detailed design plans and installing them on-site in compliance with industry regulations and safety protocols.

Challenges faced

One of the primary challenges faced by Floorspan during this project was to ensure seamless integration of the precast stairs between two existing structures, taking into consideration the site’s unique characteristics and architectural design. It required meticulous attention to detail, precision engineering, and effective coordination with DBS Projects’ design team and on-site construction crew. Additionally, strict adherence to project time lines and site access restrictions added to planning the needed to ensure a smooth delivery and installation.

solution provided

Floorspan’s team of skilled engineers and designers worked closely with DBS Projects’ design team to develop tailored pre-cast concrete stairs that fulfilled the client’s specific requirements. Employing their extensive industry experience and expertise, Floorspan meticulously designed the stairs to ensure optimal safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal. The installation was executed by Floorspan’s experienced team, who adhered to industry standards and safety protocols, ensuring a seamless integration of the precast stairs with the existing structure.


Floorspan’s design, supply, and installation of pre-cast concrete stairs for DBS Projects in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk yielded exceptional results. The stairs provided by Floorspan not only enhanced the vertical access and functionality of the commercial site but also showcased a high level of craftsmanship and architectural finesse. The precise engineering and attention to detail in the design and installation process contributed to the overall structural integrity and safety of the building.┬áMoreover, Floorspan’s efficient project management ensured that the project was completed within the agreed timelines, enabling DBS Projects to meet their construction milestones and deliver the project on schedule. The client expressed utmost satisfaction with the quality of work, professionalism, and expertise demonstrated by Floorspan, solidifying their reputation as a reliable provider of precast concrete solutions.


Floorspan’s design, supply, and installation of pre-cast concrete stairs for DBS Projects in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk exemplified their commitment to delivering superior precast concrete solutions. Overcoming challenges and providing customised solutions, Floorspan successfully completed the project within the specified timelines, meeting the client’s requirements and expectations. This case study underscores the significance of collaboration, innovation, and effective project management in delivering high-quality precast concrete solutions that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of commercial projects.

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