The Story So Far - Floorspan
The Story So Far - Floorspan
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Floorspan Contracts: The Story So Far...

Floorspan Contacts Ltd is a family-run business established in 1997 by MD Nick Dighton. At the time of writing (11am Monday morning) the teams out in the production yard have been casting concrete beams and planks since before dawn. They are now preparing orders to be delivered to clients across England. Our team of drivers are out on the road in specialist vehicles, on their way to a delivery or installation. Installation teams will be out working on projects ranging from domestic extensions to a new hospital. The office building, situated on our 5 acre production facility in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, is a hive of activity with team members, including: designers, estimators, customer support staff, transport coordinators and technical experts. We can call on a broad mix of skills, experience and qualifications ranging from university graduates to team members with hard earned experience of our company and the wider construction industry in general. What is now a well-established, trusted company was cultivated from comparably humble beginnings. This process began when, around 22 years ago, current MD Nick Dighton decided to focus his construction know-how on manufacturing concrete T beams. In the early days, we worked mainly with local self builders and small contractors, which helped us to develop a personalised and supportive service. This customer focused approach, along with the quality of our product meant Floorspan quickly established itself as a trustworthy and practical manufacturer of suspended concrete flooring systems in Cambridgeshire and the surrounding areas. Our first casting bed produced a 150mm deep, 35kg per linear metre concrete beam. In a conventional application, these beams can span a distance of well over 4.5 metres and are generally combined with medium density breeze blocks 65mm sand cement screed to create a suspended floor. Due to their relatively high load bearing and spanning capabilities, what we now call ‘standard’ beams were (and are) well-suited to large homes and commercial projects such as offices or care homes. Our standard beam was a popular and highly functional solution, but it was clear that our customers did not always require the engineering strength that this product offered. Structural requirements on a significant number of building projects can easily be met using a flooring system constructed with a lighter, more economical product. Subsequently, Floorspan Contracts created a ground breaking beam with a narrower cross-sectional area that weighed significantly less and could be moved around a construction site by hand. This 25kg per linear metre, 150mm deep beam is known as ‘light’ beam by Floorspan and is most commonly utilised in residential projects ranging from domestic extensions to large volume sites.

Casting bed for 150 mm light beam

The expansion of our beam range was the first major step towards offering the flexible, bespoke service we offer today enabling us to design and deliver floors that were not only fit for purpose, but offered the potential of significant savings through reduced material, handling and transport costs. The next major step was the introduction of our third beam, a 225mm deep pre-stressed T beam capable of spanning up to 8m in certain applications. Weighing 77kg per linear metre, these beams are generally used in scenarios that require greater load bearing capabilities, such as municipal and industrial applications.

As our reputation, knowledge and resources grew, so did our range of solutions. We began casting bespoke, ‘hollowcore’ concrete planks and supplying precast concrete stairs to better accommodate multi-storey and industrial projects. We also developed an expanded polystyrene flooring solution, called Thermafloor, incorporating our light beam, so that we could offer a flooring system with improved U value.

Over time we established and developed a skilled and experienced team of installers enabling us to deliver an ‘end-to-end’ service, from design to manufacture to delivery and installation.

Just as important as the range of products we provide, has been our approach to customers and the company ethos that we have nurtured. Although Floorspan has grown rapidly, we have maintained the same key values e of fairness, flexibility, helpfulness, transparency and reliability that initially made us successful in our local area.. The difference today is that we provide this same service to a wider range of customers and on a larger scale. Our design and estimating teams are a key part of this as each enquiry we receive is assigned to a designer who applies their experience and skill to create a solution that represents the best possible value. This approach might mean using a combination of different T beam types to overcome load bearing requirements whilst keeping an eye on overall costs and value for the end user. We always provide a quotation that accounts for all materials and labour which is needed to install the floor safely, securely and efficiently. This means including items such as airbricks and vents in our bottom line rather than hiding essential costs to make a quote appear cheaper.

Today, Nick Dighton is supported in the day-to-day running of the company by his two sons Liam and Lynden, along with Nick Carver- operations manager and there are over 100 staff members all working towards shared goals. It is an exciting time for us, for our clients and for the industry in general. We plan on announcing new developments in the coming weeks and months that will go a long way to ensuring we remain competitive without undermining the family values that helped us grow into a truly competitive, industry leader.