Block and Beam Floor - Case Study - Floorspan
Block and Beam Floor - Case Study - Floorspan
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Case Study - MultiPlot - tilney all saints- norfolk

We are very proud of how popular we are in our local area, and we relish working on developments that serve the community. Whether that is in the shape of new facilities, such as our work on a new Ice Rink in Cambridge, or on local, multiplot, residential projects that provide affordable housing to local residents.

It is good to go back to basics and highlight the suitability of Floorspan beam and block on a project of this kind.

Today’s case study fits in to this category perfectly. A stone’s throw away from our casting facility in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire is the village of Tilney All Saints. Here a relatively large development from our friends at The Trundley Group is well underway.

Actually, ‘well underway’ is a bit of an understatement, by the time we turned up on site to take some pics for this case study, the street of new properties was all but completed.

Despite having done an impressive job of building this new development, the team at The Trundley Group took more on when a small adjacent plot of land became available at short notice. After a quick purchase and some rapid planning- the build could start on the new plot.

Generally, short notice is not normally a problem for us. Clients who find themselves pinched for time for whatever reason can customarily rely on us for a fast floor quotation and delivery. Even if things aren’t going to plan, you can get materials and labour on site quickly, preventing loss of time or money.

Block & Beam Installation & delivery

So, we got the beams, blocks, slip and air bricks over to the site. The Trundley Group opted to install the floor themselves. As they had experienced fitters on site and only two plots to install, this made a lot of sense. As a rule, using Floorspan’s installation service is the surest way of keeping costs down.

The guys on site installed the floor perfectly. On looking at the installed floor- which was adjacent to now completed properties- I was struck by how well suited beam and block really is for domestic multiplot projects.

Beam & Block Floor - residential benefits

Sustainable- Beam and block will match or exceed the lifespan of the building.

Flexible- Concrete beams may not be bendy, but with a beam and block floor, it is easy to allow for many property features and amenities. For example, bay windows, drainage pipes, and internal walls.

Portable- Floorspan is not suggesting you can fold up a block and beam floor and carry it around in your top pocket. However, our drivers deliver blocks neatly on site, and generally deliver beams onto the coursing. The blocks are easily moveable with a forklift, and two men can easily carry our light beams. 

Provides a platform to build on- After the beam and block floor is fitted and has been screeded, it provides a safe and secure platform for the remaining build.

Although block and beam is now the preferred flooring system for domestic properties, there are many differences from one system to the next.

For example, precast floors are often sold with beams that camber, meaning that blocks will not sit correctly. This affects the structural integrity of the floor and can make it difficult or impossible to install. There are many ways that contractors and developers can have the wool pulled over their eyes by suppliers and (unfortunately) this rarely comes to light until materials and labour are on site. In other words, when it is too late.

We love working with responsible contractors like Trundley Group because they consider more than just the bottom line when choosing suppliers. It is about building a quality home, and you cannot do that well with ruthless cost-cutting!

Floorspan are generally the cheapest option. When we are not, it is because we are providing essential value.

We are proud to have played a part in this development in our local community and look forward to working with Trundley on other projects.

Beams. Blocks. Solutions.

Get your free quote. we go the extra mile to provide value.

Beams. Blocks. Solutions.

Get your free quote. we go the extra mile to provide value.