Why to Consider Concrete Beam and Block Flooring - Floorspan
Why to Consider Concrete Beam and Block Flooring - Floorspan
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Why to consider concrete beam and block flooring

In this article, we will talk over the main reasons and benefits as to why opting for beam and block is the right choice for you.

In recent times beam and block flooring has become increasingly popular. The concrete beam and block flooring solution is ideal for both domestic and residential construction. It is also a great frugal alternative due to off-site manufacture, fast assembly and the least requirement for skilled labour. The installation of concrete beam and block is not weather dependant, enabling the product to be installed in rain, wind or shine. Therefore, form of construction can reduce site delays that other techniques might occur. These concrete flooring solutions also exhibit great noise reduction and fire-resisting traits.



 Main Benefits of Choosing Beam and Block Flooring?

Some of the key benefits of opting for concrete beam and block flooring are:


  1. Durability

Concrete beam and block flooring is very strong and stable. Each beam is reinforced and specifically designed to meet the requirements of the span in question.


  1. Fire Safety

Beam and block floors also provide high fire safety ratings. A single beam can provide up to one hour of resistance counting on its size.


  1. Sound Insulation

The damping qualities of concrete gives beam and block floors strong noise reduction qualities. This sound insulation ensures compliance with government building regulation that deal with the passage of sound (‘The Building Regulation – Part E’).


  1. Easy Installation

With trivial ground preparation requirements, concrete beam and block flooring solutions are extremely quick to install, the product can assure that jobs are finished off in ample time and with considerable labour savings.


  1. Strong Thermal Performance

Beam and block flooring offers a good degree of flexibility when it comes to thermal performance.


In a nutshell

As this flooring system is draught-proof, rot-proof, heat, and fire resistant there are no scepticisms over its quality. Concrete beam and block flooring is perfect for all builders and offers a modern and cost-effective approach which sets it apart from other flooring methods.



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