Concrete Beams | Precast Concrete Beams Supplier - Floorspan Contracts
Concrete Beams | Precast Concrete Beams Supplier - Floorspan Contracts
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Light concrete close up of Beams for beam and block floor

150mm – ‘Light Concrete Beam’

A narrow-section, 150mm deep concrete beam is an inverted T-beam for a beam and block floor. Generally better suited for shorter spans. At only 25kg per linear metre, they are light by name and relatively light by nature.

‘Light’ concrete beams are ideal for domestic applications including extensions, ground floor and upper floors of new build dwellings.

150mm – ‘Standard concrete Beam’

A slightly wider, heavier 150mm deep concrete beam is generally combined with a medium density block. The clear span at maximum spacing in a standard domestic application is 4671mm. These hit the scales at 35kg per linear metre.

Suited to longer spans and/or heavier loading conditions such as: larger houses, offices and care homes.

Floorspan Concrete Beams Standard
beam and block construction

Our newest beam, Lightbeam+, is an innovative ‘lightweight’ 225mm deep beam. It’s designed to deal with longer spans and greater loadings whilst remaining cost-effective.

The beam has a unique reinforcement structure which means we have been able to keep material and delivery costs down.

Lightbeam plus weighs 57kg per linear metre and can span over 8m even in commercial settings (see span/load table for specific performance information).

That makes this beam perfect for larger houses, schools, hospitals, factories, and the like.

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