Floorspan Developments - Helping Housebuilders to Thrive in The Modern Marketplace - Floorspan
Floorspan Developments - Helping Housebuilders to Thrive in The Modern Marketplace - Floorspan
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Floorspan Developments -


Housebuilders have been coping with constant change in the last few years. A lot of this is the industry growing for the better. However, this sort of evolution is still a source of upheaval and reorganisation. Of course, there have also been other huge industry-wide sources of disruption, not least the lockdowns and Brexit.

As a subcontractor and manufacturer, we feel the impact of any challenges facing the industry through our customers. Therefore, our job is to support our customers so that they can continue to deliver whilst maintaining or improving profits.

For larger housebuilders, issues like those listed above can be a serious impediment to maintaining profits and delivering a high-quality build. We formed Floorspan Developments to help contractors, groundworkers, and developers thrive in the modern market place.

Common Housebuilder Pain Points

What is Floorspan Developments?

Floorspan Developments has been set up to cater exclusively to residential home builders. The idea was to put together a team that have a lot of experience delivering large projects. From estimators to installers, the developments team know how to price competitively and support home builders in meeting ambitious schedules without costs spiralling.

The team has access to ring-fenced production and design resources to ensure you hit your precast concrete flooring schedule on time and under budget.

Helping developers, contractors and groundworkers to build quicker, greener and on tighter budgets.

Vic Gray - Key Accounts Executive

Vic Gray is a Key Account Executive working with the Developments Team. We asked Vic to give us some insight into her experience at Floorspan and what she has learned after working on dozens of large-scale housing projects:

Key Account Executive

My main role within the Developments Team is to increase Floorspan’s market presence and sales for eFloor and large developments.

Yes. We’ve launched – eFloor Plus, Floorspan’s Five Core Values, the new 225 Lightbeam and Floorspan Developments.

It can vary from ensuring a contractor’s end client approves drawings in a timely manner to meet our client’s preferred delivery, to developing a relationship with a new client. This might involve finding out about their business and the opportunity for us to work together.

The day-to-day challenges for my customers depend a lot on the stage of the project. If they are still tendering, then getting the most competitive and accurate package is a priority. At the order stage, this generally switches to working out a delivery and installation plan that fits in with their schedule of works.

Right now, there is a material shortage for poly flooring that is presenting a challenging situation for a lot of my customers. Things like that a tough because there’s not always a good solution. We just do our best to mitigate any negative impact by being proactive and planning ahead. Generally speaking though, I think we have the flexibility, experience, and resources to be responsive to customer challenges.

There is so much business in our area of operation. I’ve already spoken about eFloor Plus but I think the demand for affordable eco-friendly products is going to hit a whole new level soon. I predict we’ll be steadily increasing market share year on year!

Ambitious, Proactive, Teamwork.

I don’t just enjoy working at Floorspan – I love it! I mostly enjoy the ambition, Floorspan is always moving forward!

Request A Call Back

At the heart of a successful housing development project is a solution focussed attitude. It’s not only about having the experience and foresight to avoid delays and additional costs, but it’s also about being positive if something does go wrong. As Vic demonstrates, our job is to be the source of solutions not the source of problems.

If you are a developer, contractor, or groundworker looking to explore new partnerships, Vic or one of the team will be happy to discuss any potential requirements. Just fill in the form and request a call back.

We are also looking to expand the developments team, please get in touch if you are looking to take the next step in your career.

Or send your CV to [email protected]