Thermal Flooring eFloor Plus - Floorspan - Insulated Concrete Flooring
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Thermal flooring halfed installed into beams
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Insulated Concrete Flooring

eFloor Plus is a thermal flooring system. It is also a perfect eco-friendly solution for modern, energy-efficient homes. 

This product has been designed to be easy to install and environmentally friendly. In fact, it is a BBA certified product that exceed all relevant building regulations.

Insulated concrete flooring helps ease pressures on national home builders, such as the demand to build more homes faster and greener.


We have combined Floorspan prestressed concrete T-beams with expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels. This combination creates a flooring solution with high levels of thermal insulation.

Concrete T-beams are infilled with rigid EPS panels. These polystyrene panels are lightweight and easy to install. Therefore, we can bring you time, effort, and safety benefits.

A variable depth polystyrene oversheet adds to customisation ability. As a result we can meet and exceed current thermal performance targets and requirements.

Our specialist EPS infill panels combine with all of our prestressed concrete T-beams. Therefore, we can offer a wide combination of solutions for all scenarios, with increased opportunity for cost-effective layouts.

Energy? Efficiency? Easy.

request a quotation today. we go the extra mile to provide value.