EPS System Overview - Floorspan
EPS System Overview - Floorspan
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System overview

The eFloor Plus system is a thermal flooring solution from Floorspan Contracts Ltd.

Through combining our range of pre-stressed concrete beams with EPS panels, we are able to offer customers a product that is: economical, environmentally friendly and easy to install.

The system has been designed to be as simple as possible. We provide all the concrete and EPS elements and can even carry out the installation.

animated image of EPS installation
T beams

precast concrete beams

eFloor plus benefits from our full range of concrete beams:

– 150mm ‘Light’ Beam

– 150mm ‘Standard’ Beam

– 225mm ‘9 inch’ Beam

This variety means that we can be flexible when meeting load and span requirements.

When designing your floor, safety and cost reduction are two of our primary objectives.



Starter/End PANEL

Starter panels are cut from half panels. Like all of our infill panels, the starter and end panels are 150mm deep and 1200mm long. The width varies from 178-300mm. Starter and end panels are used to fill the gaps made between the final rows of beams and the perimeter walls.

EPS block
EPS block


Full panels are used when there is a standard spacing between beams. They are 540mm wide and 1200mm long.



Half panels are used when there is a narrow spacing between beams. They are 270mm wide and 1200mm long.

EPS block
Closure blocks

'T' Closure blocks

We provide ‘T’ closure blocks in two sizes. 

     – Full ‘T’ closure blocks are 530mm wide and 100mm deep.

     – Half ‘T’ closure blocks are 265mm wide and 100mm deep.

‘T’ closure blocks can be cut to fit irregular gaps. 


Polystyrene OverSheet

eFloor Plus is an oversheet (or top sheet) thermal flooring system. A lot of the flexibility and thermal efficiency that eFloor Plus can offer is down to its variable depth oversheet.

As standard, oversheet is available at depths between 75mm-200mm. However, if a client requires an unusual low U-value, we are able to provide EPS top sheet as deep as 300mm.

animated image of efloor plus

Damp Proof Membrane

Once the oversheet is in place users of the eFloor Plus system should source a quality damp-proof membrane to lay over the floor.


Structural Topping

Once the damp proof membrane is in place, a 75mm reinforced concrete topping should be added (to be sourced by customer). 

Energy? Efficiency? Easy.

request a quotation today. we go the extra mile to provide value.