eFloor Plus - Span Load Table - Floorspan
eFloor Plus - Span Load Table - Floorspan
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Span/load tables

Floor Span tables are based on a 1.8kN/m2 finishes (75mm reinforced concrete topping). Values are given for clear conditions and 1.0 kN/m2 stud partitions.

Light Beams

A narrow-section, 150mm deep, inverted T-beam. At only 25kg per linear metre, they can be easily carried by two men.

‘Light’ beam is ideal for domestic applications including extensions, ground floor and upper floors of new build dwellings.

lighbeam panel configuration
standard beam panel configuration

standard beams

A slightly wider, heavier 150mm deep concrete beam. ‘Standard’ beams weigh 35kg per linear metre and are suited to longer spans and/or heavier loading conditions. Such as: larger houses, offices and care homes.

225mm beams

Our 225mm deep beam can span up to 8m in domestic situations. It weighs 77kg per linear meter. Ideal for light industrial or commercial buildings, as well as large domestic dwellings and communal facilities.

Span / load capability available upon request.

Energy? Efficiency? Easy.

request a quotation today. we go the extra mile to provide value.