Insulated & Thermal Concrete Flooring - Floorspan Contracts
Insulated & Thermal Concrete Flooring - Floorspan Contracts
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Thermal Flooring Solutions

Energy. Efficiency. Easy.

Underslung EPS Flooring

eFloor Classic is our traditional system. It combines our 25kg per linear metre ‘Light’ beams with underslung slab, expanded polystyrene panels to create a lightweight and thermally efficient flooring solution.

OvErsheet EPS Flooring

eFloor Plus is our new system. It combines our full range of beams with polystyrene infill panels and a variable-depth oversheet (top sheet). This polystyrene top sheet product is thermally efficient, easy to install and cost-effective.

What Is eFloor EPS Flooring?

top sheet thermal flooring being installed

eFloor is expanded polystyrene flooring. EPS flooring is an environmentally sound answer to the growing emphasis on energy efficiency in homes. Many national home builders are now relying on expanded polystyrene as it provides the insulation required to achieve low U-values without compromising on structural integrity or quality.

Floorspan’s insulated beam and infill block floor system combines EPS technology with a raised floor system. We have developed two insulated flooring systems: eFloor Classic & eFloor Plus.

Beams. Blocks. Solutions.

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